The digital accessibility industry is filled with band-aid, add-on accessibility solutions. After watching countless users with disabilities navigate websites using various assistive technologies and the challenges and roadblocks that most websites throw in their way, and the frustration and exhaustion of these users, Accessible Web was determined to find a better way. Fixing the problem at the source, their technology & support services help businesses upgrade their site’s code so it conforms to WCAG 2.1 A, AA, or AAA standards natively, not through an add-on, alternative user experience.
With the goal to build a web that is accessible to everyone, I teamed up with the Accessible Web team to help them revamp their logo and to develop a new comprehensive brand identity. This included designs for a new website, digital ads, business cards, trade show booth banners, and more. Working with the Accessible Web team has been an invaluable experience, learning about digital accessibility best practices and the like and informing my work to be accessible to all individuals.
Agency: Accessible Web

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